Monday, September 21, 2009

Back on my feet again - with caution!

I went to the orthopedist today, and I have been medically cleared to put weight on my foot and walk around again. I have to wear the Aircast brace for a couple of weeks or so, but this means that I can now leave the house, drive my car, and...go back to work!

My ankle is healing exceptionally well, even though my ankle and foot still look disgusting; an overall yellow, with a purple undertone, and bruises which will take some time to go away, I'm sure. I will be doing exercises at home to increase the mobility and strength of my ankle, and I'm getting used to walking around with the Aircast.

I'm sure that a lot of my progress is directly due to the terrific care and advice I received from my husband while I was unable to walk. As a former runner who has even done a marathon, he is a veteran of many ankle injuries, and his experience was invaluable to me during this time. We're planning to go out walking again this coming weekend; this is permitted, as long as I'm wearing the Aircast brace. It might not be a 4-mile walk, but I will be out there on the trail again! (Watching out for lurking holes in the grass...)

Just being out of commission for a couple of weeks made me feel truly sorry for anyone who is permanently confined to bed, or housebound. My Irish Nana who raised me used to say, "Every day that you wake up and you put two feet on the floor is a good day", so now I have a greater realization of just what she meant by that.

So, even though I didn't break anything in 1995 when I was run over by a van in Manhattan, but managed to break something just walking near my home, I feel very happy about the way this entire experience worked out. I will be wearing my Aircast, working out with weights soon, and getting back to my usual activities.

I would have been totally lost without my iPod Touch, its fantastic apps, and its wireless Internet, as I couldn't get to the Mac during my non-weightbearing stint. It was a lifesaver!

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