Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Images of Maui

Here are some photos from my last trip to Maui. I hope to return soon, because I have "left my heart" there...since 1985, I have been in love with Maui. I'm not a religious person, but it has a spirituality which you can almost feel. The light, the colors, the air, the water, all combine hypnotically to make you want to stay forever. I cried the first time that I left; walking up the huge set of metal steps next to the jet on the tarmac, looking around at the beautiful mountains, and wondering if it was all just a dream.

I was able to return there three years later to confirm that this much beauty could indeed exist in one magical place. It is called "The Magic Isle", and there's truth in the name! On my third, and most recent trip, it was more developed in places, but it still has its magic intact...I will go back, and hopefully, one day, I won't have to leave. 


  1. Hi, Jane, I know what you mean about Hawaii. I went there in 2000, to Oahu and Hawaii. I loved it so much I wanted to move to Oahu, and live in a small beach type cottage or house on the water (if I could ever find one) I loved the North eastern part of Oahu, and the northern tip of Hawaii. But, before I could get up the guts, and the money, I met Steve, and, well, here I am in Texas!
    Cindy Thompson King

  2. Cindy,
    Thanks for reading this! Only those who have actually been to Hawai'i know the effect it can have on you, right? I'm still planning to go back soon, and to move there someday...sigh.
    I'm happy to hear from you!