Saturday, January 24, 2009


A shout-out to the folks at for the "Adversity" sign; it sums up exactly how I feel about my situation. Truer words were never written, and I prefer to deal with adverse events in my life in a humorous way. Humor is my way of coping with life's dilemmas. If you haven't seen their stuff, check out their website:

Yes, I survived almost drowning at age 13, being run over by a van (now I have something in common with Steven King, besides our terrible eyesight) and I have lived 18 months after being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. However, we're all still on the same path to oblivion, so I prefer to see overcoming these things as pretty ironic. I would much rather be alive, though!

My PCP said that the cancer was just "a bump in the road" (kind of like the van accident, perhaps?), but that road is the one on which we are all traveling.

"No One Here Gets Out Alive" was a great book title, but it's also true. But, I'm very grateful that I'm able to write about it. I'm planning to live a long time, and to die in Maui.

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